Resident Author

Cheryl Murray

Springtime has arrived. We have such a bounty of choices here at the Ranch to help us make the transition from winter to spring. We can take a leisurely bike ride, plant a herb garden, or how about attend a book signing party?

Fly, Butterfly, Fly! is a newly published book authored by neighbor and friend Frances I. Kirkham, better known simply as Fran. To celebrate Fran’s accomplishment, friends gathered for a book signing event on April 8.

Fran was not idle during the COVID lockdown. She was busy putting the final touches on her manuscript, a fictionalized memoir of a young girl’s experience growing up in a military family and in a foreign country. Her dream and hard work materialized into a beautifully written book.

Those attending the book signing were in for a treat—Fran did a reading from her book, sharing the sights, smells, and first impressions as the family rode in a taxi upon their arrival in Japan. Those listening felt transported back to the crowded streets of Yokohama. There was also a question and answer session where touching, humorous, and honest back stories gave the readers even more insight into their friend’s life.

The party truly was a wonderful way to spend a springtime afternoon, and all were in agreement that they can’t wait for the sequel to Fly, Butterfly, Fly!