SBR Residents Helping Ukraine

Henry Mozolewski and Marianna Roszkowska will be volunteering to help Ukrainian refugees during their summer visit to their home country of Poland.

When something bad happens to friends or family, many of us help by cooking, cleaning, shopping, driving, or providing companionship. The list is vast, and it brings joy by making us feel useful.

But what can we do when a tragedy occurs to strangers—in a country around the world? Many of us have been asking just that.

Our residents are amazing. Here are just a few known efforts taking place right here at SaddleBrooke Ranch.

“Together for Ukraine” Fundraiser

Bo and Sandy Jessop were honored to be invited to perform at the “Together for Ukraine” fundraiser at the historic Ramsdell Theatre in Manistee, Mich. Sponsored by the Pines of Arcadia, 100% of ticket sales and donations went to RAZOM, a crisis relief organization founded by American-Ukrainian women ( Contributions have now exceeded $10,000.

Regen Foundation

Jan and Rick Knapp are involved with a ministry in Romania. Their daughter and her family are missionaries, working with the Regen Foundation housing Ukrainian families ( The foundation has sent 10 loads of food, medical supplies, and other needs to Ukrainian military and citizens. Those shipments are valued at $45,000. Numerous SBR residents donate to this effort.

World Central Kitchen

Jennifer Black and Margaret Moore Booker make monthly donations to the World Central Kitchen (, where they are currently focusing efforts to feed Ukrainian refugees.

Jennifer says, “[It’s a] great organization! There is a video people can watch that really tells the story.”

Margaret agrees, “Quite a few of us at SBR have donated money to World Central Kitchen. They are doing such an incredible job getting meals to communities inside war-torn Ukraine and to the refugees in neighboring Poland and elsewhere.”

Rock Art Support

Miriam Brock is part of a women’s group in Units 9 and 10 who meet to celebrate each other’s birthdays. Since the war in Ukraine, Miriam has created and gifted each birthday gal a Ukrainian rock to display in their yard in support of the people of Ukraine.

Providing Protective Gear

Carol and Billy Mihal decided to donate to a grassroots organization providing protective gear to Ukrainian soldiers. “My son, David, knows Lydia Baikalova, who has organized this effort and is working hard to fundraise, purchase, and transport protective gear and medical supplies to the frontline in Ukraine by personally flying to Poland with these supplies,” says Carol. Her story was recently shown on the local news. Learn more about this organization at

Humanitarian Aid Fundraising

Sue and Ron Monson’s daughter Jennifer had previously completed missionary trips to Slovakia. The associated church is trying to feed, house, and transport Ukrainian refugees. Jennifer started a Go Fund Me page ( to help defray some of the major costs.

For example, after escaping with two of her children (her oldest son was required to stay and fight), Angelina now risks her own safety to bring humanitarian aid from Slovakia to Ukraine, returning with more refugees. Just the gas for each trip costs approximately $300 (USD)!

Sue Monson has met some church personnel and says “They’re good people!”

Volunteering in Poland

Henry Mozolewski and his wife, Marianna Roszkowska, really went the extra mile. They actually went 5,884 extra miles! During their summer visit to their home country of Poland, they will also be volunteering their time and energies to help Ukrainian refugees. Marianna humbly explained, “I speak the language, so of course we will help where we’re needed.”

So what can you do to help? Well, as you’ve just learned, the list is vast, and it will be sure to bring you joy!