SBRWGA 2020 Southern District Telegraph Tournament

Linda Chonle wins the Telegraph Tournament, sponsored by Todd's Pest Control.

Linda Chonle wins the Telegraph Tournament, sponsored by Todd’s Pest Control.

Carol Mihal

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Women’s Golf Association (SBRWGA) held its 2020 Telegraph Tournament on Aug. 25. This tournament began many years ago, prior to many organized sport associations, when most players were unable to travel to competitions. Local competitions were then held, and the results were sent via telegraph to the organizers to determine winners. Many Telegraph Tournaments were held in popular sports, like swimming and track, that were timed competitions.

Today our local Telegraph Golf Tournament is played at all Southern District Women’s Golf Association (SDWGA) clubs, and scores are emailed to SDWGA so winners can be honored on their website.

Congratulations to Linda Chonle for winning the 2020 Telegraph Tournament with a net score of 68! This year’s winner had to be decided by a scorecard playoff between three players (Linda Chonle, Lee Rinke, and Kay Johnson), all finishing with a net 68 score. The winner was decided using USGA tie breaking rules (best net score on the last 9 holes) with Linda Chonle scoring a net 31 on the last 9 holes, beating Lee Rinke’s net 32 and Kay Johnson’s net 34.

Linda was awarded the Telegraph Trophy to enjoy, until it gets passed on to next year’s winner!

Other winners were as follows:

First Flight 1st Place (tie): Jean Cheszek and Debbie Shelton (70); 3rd Place (tie): Carol Mihal and Karen Jordan (72)

Second Flight 1st Place: Sterlyn Robertson (73); 2nd Place: Carole Ericksen (74); 3rd Place: Carol Sacks (75)

Third Flight 1st Place: Susan Pharr (70); 2nd Place: Diane Taylor (71); 3rd Place: Nancy Hugus (72)

Fourth Flight 1st Place: Lee Rinke (68); 2nd Place: Mary Anderson (70); 3rd Place: Lorraine Smith (77)

Fifth Flight 1st Place: Kay Johnson (68); 2nd Place: Evie Thompson (69); 3rd Place (tie): Stephanie Gaskill and Phyllis Pettijohn (72)

A big thank you to our sponsor, Todd’s Pest Control, for this tournament. Todd’s Pest Control can be reached at 520-549-8477 and [email protected] for any of your pest control needs. Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to all the ladies who participated in this year’s Telegraph Tournament!