SBRWGA Enjoys “Monsoon Fling” Golf Event

Shirley Purcell and Kay Johnson thanking our sponsor, Dr. Patrick Shaffer, DDS.

Shirley Purcell and Kay Johnson thanking our sponsor, Dr. Patrick Shaffer, DDS.

Carol Mihal

On the beautiful, sunny, and toasty summer day of August 11, over 40 lady golfers set out to play in our “Monsoon Fling” event. This team game (with an A, B, C, and D player on each team) used the “Cha-Cha-Cha” format, where the one best net score of the team is used on the first hole, and two best net scores are used on the second hole, and the three best net scores are used on the third hole—and then repeat through all 18 holes.

Additionally, there were four opportunities for the ladies to win “Closest to the Pin” on each of the four par 3 holes. A large circle was painted around all the pins on each of the par 3 holes, and any player with a tee shot that landed and stayed within the circle was a winner, and the prize money was divided among the winners for each hole.

This fun event was sponsored by our local dentist, Dr. Patrick Shaffer, DDS, in Catalina. SaddleBrooke Ranch Women’s Golf Association (SBRWGA) greatly appreciates Dr. Schaffer’s support of our organization.

SBRWGA and Dr. Shaffer’s sponsorship provided a cold drink to all participants. These drinks were picked up in the backyard of our neighbor, Dr. Ed Updegraff, who lives just behind the green on the 10th hole.

“Dr. Ed” holds a reverence for the game of golf that’s almost equal to the reverence Tucson golfers hold for him. He was one of the country’s best amateur players during his younger days. Dr. Ed, 98 years old, has been a resident of SaddleBrooke Ranch since 2013. You might see him or his three daughters (who also live here) watching as golfers finish up playing the 10th hole. Be sure to wave to Dr. Ed if you see him!

The “Monsoon Fling” Team Winners:

1st place team: Shirley Purcell, Jeanne Osterlund, and Kay Johnson

2nd place team: Debbie Shelton, Cheryl Reddy, Diane Taylor, and Jackie Elphic

Tie – 3rd place team: Alex Anna, Bev Redfield, Lorraine Smith, and Steph Gaskill

Tie – 3rd place team: Judy Callahan, Pilar Borm, Nancy Hugus, and Beth Chamberlin

5th place team: Jean Cheszek, Sterlyn Robertson, and CJ Kerley

6th place team: Colleen Carey, Terri Movius, and Linda Watchorn

Closest to the Pin Winners:

Hole no. 2 – Diane Taylor

Hole no. 5 – Lorraine Smith and Barb Simms

Hole no. 12 – Bev Redfield and Evie Thompson

Hole no. 14 – Diane Taylor and Debbie Shelton