SBRWGA Welcomes New Members

New 2021 SBRWGA Members (left to right) Sitting: Nancy Hurlburt, Patty Cimo, Ingrid McManus, and Laurie Gilchrist; Standing: Judi Yazzie, Shirley Hunter, Trish Minard, Jennifer Valverde, Connie Rocereto, Kathi Dyer, Joann Hoback, Barbara Saffran, Catherine Steel, and Karen Oprish.

Carol Mihal

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Women’s Golf Association (SBRWGA) sponsored a Coffee Get-Together on the morning of Nov. 4 for all members who joined in 2021. Many members of the SBRWGA Board of Directors attended, along with golf pros Mike Jahaske and Ken Steinke.

Of the 25 new members in 2021, 14 ladies attended this gathering. They were given information by the golf pros on our golf course and our Chelsea signup system. Several of our board members also spoke on our golf club activities, play-day signups, our various tee boxes, local rules, and the vast amount of information available on our website at

Most of our new members came here from California; many came from Oregon and Colorado; and we also have a new member who moved here from Mexico! At this time, SBRWGA has 115 members.

The purpose of the SBRWGA club is to promote good fellowship and interest in golf among women, to enable its members to enjoy organized competition and social activities, to support learning about the game, and to be members in good standing in the Arizona Golf Association. Golfers with a handicap and every skill level are welcome! Consider joining the growing SBRWGA for golfing fun. To learn more, visit or send an email to [email protected].