SSSA welcomes Ranch participation in our leagues

Mark Hojnacki, President – SaddleBrooke Senior Softball Association

While this new year brought the termination of the reciprocal agreement between SaddleBrooke and SaddleBrooke Ranch in most adult activities, it did not end SaddleBrooke Senior Softball Association (SSSA) relationship with SaddleBrooke Ranch residents. Our association operates under a license agreement with HOA 2 and in no way is there any restriction concerning reciprocal agreements in this document. SSSA operates independently of both SaddleBrooke HOAs and we are not funded or receiving support from either entity. Reciprocity is not an issue because SaddleBrooke Ranch has no softball facility and reciprocity only exists when both parties have like or similar activities/facilities. A number of our current, and new, players who live at SaddleBrooke Ranch have asked how the issue of the HOA 2 transition and reciprocal agreement termination affects their eligibility to continue to play softball in our Leagues. Our bylaws allow all SaddleBrooke Ranch residents to play in our four leagues.

Our winter season just started on January 8 and will run through the end of April 2018. We have four seasons of play in our Recreation, Community, Coyote and Competitive leagues. All players are evaluated before placement on a team so as to make their participation more enjoyable and safe due to one’s talent level. Even though our current season has started play, we welcome new players to contact us and be placed on a sub list until the next season commences. Our annual participation dues are very reasonable and affordable so dust off the old equipment and come join us. We also have gloves and bats if you do not own one. Practice sessions are held on Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 8:00-10:00 a.m. at the SSSA field at the south entrance (Edwin Road and Clubhouse Drive).

Contact me if interested in playing and I will direct you to the individuals who assist new players to the SSSA. I can be reached via email at [email protected] or phone 817-727-0068.