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Aqua Zumba

Debbie McCauley, Fitness Instructor

Looking for low impact, fat burning, and fun exercise? Aqua Zumba might be the answer.

Aqua Zumba combines the traditional elements of an aqua fitness class with upbeat, Latin-infused moves and music. That means a non-stop, low-impact cardio workout combined with muscle strengthening moves that work both the upper and lower body. It gets your heart pumping and muscles working as you move to the beat of snappy Latin music.

How does it accomplish these results? For both cardio and strength training, you need resistance. The water in our big indoor pool provides the resistance, lots of it. In fact, the resistance of the water is 12 times that of the air. So when you move in the water it requires much more energy, meaning your heart works harder and you burn more calories. The result: increasing that desirable lean muscle tissue and improving your aerobic fitness.

Here are some additional benefits that may be of interest. Aqua Zumba is friendly on the joints: knees, hips, arms and shoulders. That fact alone makes Aqua Zumba inviting to the healthy, mature and perhaps even a little overweight adult. So if you like the water and have found land exercise too strenuous or painful, consider joining your friends and neighbors in a class.

Here is what a few of our community members are saying about the current Aqua Zumba session.

“Music in the pool with Zumba moves has been a great workout. Love the impact on my knee, yet getting the exercise and balance needed.”

“The music is great. Time flies by. Love the low impact. The tightness in my lower leg has subsided.”

“I’ve enjoyed the exercise, both physical and mental, that this class affords.”

“I have been limited on the amount I can do due to my total knee replacement surgery. But I can work my knees in the water. It’s so much fun that I almost don’t realize I’m actually exercising.”

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