Welcome New Neighbors

Linda Harvey and Linda Shannon-Hills, Co-Chairs, Newcomers Welcome Volunteers

We are happy to welcome our 15 newest homeowners to SaddleBrooke Ranch.

We have a great welcoming program for our homeowners, with a cadre of volunteers to provide important information. However, the first person new homeowners usually meet is Jamie Shipley at the front desk, who hands out the HOA orientation package. This is an important stop for all new homeowners, including those people who purchase resale homes. The front desk is located near the ballroom entry at the east end of the Ranch House. The hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

The HOA Orientation package includes:

* Key tags with the homeowner’s membership number used for registering at the Fitness Center and indoor pool. The membership number can also be used for charging at the Bistro, Ranch House Grill, and the Pro Shop. A charging privilege form must be completed and given to Jamie before charging to the membership card is permitted and points can be accumulated for rewards on food purchases.

* Keys are given for the gate to the outdoor swimming pool, the restrooms at Ed’s Dogs, the pickleball courts, and the restroom at Hole 15 at the golf course.

* The White SWIPE cards are used for entrance at the front gate. A transponder is available for purchase.

* Architectural Landscape Committee guidelines complete the package.

If you haven’t stopped to meet Jamie and receive your HOA orientation, it is recommended you do so as soon as possible.

Shortly after you close on your home, you will be sent an email to welcome you, and then you will be personally contacted by the newcomer welcome volunteer. When the volunteer makes contact, you will be invited to a webinar where lots of things will be explained that will help with your transition to the community. You will also be invited to have your picture taken for the SaddleBrooke Roundup newspaper.

We are so glad you are here.


6: James Lubach and Kay Barber; Phillip and Beth Cooper; Jerald and Linda Chase

7: Michael and Bonnie Roach

8B: Dave and Jeannie Maisch; Craig and Cindy Rue; Larry and Linda Martin

17: Mark and Karen Adamson; Mark and Susan Solcum

16A: Erik Davidson and Heather Boda

46B: Michael and Diane McFain


14A: David Goble; Bill Shipp and Linda Teel

14B: James and Roberta Hariper

21A: Stephen and Carolyn Colby