Why we play softball here in SaddleBrooke

Mark Hojnacki

There is no doubt that many senior citizens live very active lives here in our community. Entering the golden years and beyond, seniors have consistently proven that retirement is not a static experience but one in which they can continue to enrich themselves in various ways. Many men and women use their free time to take part in any number of activities, including Senior Softball here in SaddleBrooke! Playing softball is a great way to combine exercise and fun with several notable benefits, including increased physical and mental health. Many of us can remember the fun of joining our Little League teams to learn the game, appreciating both the fun of the game, as well as the company of our teammates. Why not rekindle that memory and carry that great experience by joining our association?

SaddleBrooke Senior Softball is the only organization within our community in which 20 players compete four days a week in organized games with teams in four leagues. Games are seven innings or 70 minutes in duration and are played over four separate seasons all year long in our great complex.

The benefits of playing senior softball stretch far and wide. Exercise improves not just physical health but also mental and emotional health. The physical benefits of playing sports are among the most obvious but are also among the most notable. These benefits include increased oxygen intake and better performance. Additionally, exercise helps with weight control, heart health and increasing one’s longevity of life.

There are also many mental health benefits of playing a team sport worth highlighting. Softball helps increasing alertness and focus, two skills that are very important to keep intact well into old age. The odds of developing a mental illness, such as depression or dementia, are also lower among seniors who are physically active.

Participating in team sports also helps to combat feelings of isolation and low self-esteem that often arise in old age. Being on a team one sees many positive results by improving hand/eye coordination in batting and fielding. Seeing the positive results of hard work can also improve morale and foster a greater purpose in life, which is especially important to maintain for people of any age. And what better way to social network? Many of us have found new friends which carry over off the ball field into our homes and this great community. It is a proven fact that those who are more connected to their communities fall ill less often as they feel the comforts of belonging and companionship.

For more information on how to join your Senior Softball league, contact SSSA President Mark Hojnacki, [email protected] or call 817-727-0068. Seniors and sports are a great pair, joined by goals of health, friendship and, most of all, fun!